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Does solarud avoid cleaning of my PV modules?

No. Solarud was not meant to avoid the cleaning of the modules. Solarud was designed to improve performance between cleaning intervals by not letting so much dirt and dust get stuck in the panel. If you want to increase the time between the cleaning intervals is up to you!

How long does solarud last?

Solardud is made to last! The plastic material is UV resistant and can widthstand temperatures of up to 80ΒΊ without bending or melting. We can assure you that it can last at least twice the time of return of investment!

How can solarud help the safety of my assets

Solarud avoids the acumulation of dirt in the bottom parts of the module, being so It also diminishes the probability of hotspots that can lead to performance loss, but also to fires that can damage the assets and surrounding property.

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