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Elevating Photovoltaic Efficiency with Europe’s Unique Adaptable, Reusable, and Anti-Clog Water Drainer Solarud

The soiling problem affects solar power plants all over the world, with more or less impact depending on the location, the rain frequency, and the cleaning routine. The studied impact of soiling on production is discussed in our blog.

We created a solution that reduces the soiling on “photovoltaic” solar panels. The direct consequence is the energy production rise and the increase of the duration of the cleaned modules after the clean.

what we do

The Eureka moment

We have a background on photovoltaic plants construction and inspections. We also have done thousands (of GWh) of inspections on solar parks for more than 10 years.
Along all this time we have realized that almost all of the solar farms have a common point: the soiling accumulated at the bottom of the module due to the height difference between the solar cells and the frame.

After a time of reflection, search and do & try, we came up with a solution that we can now call proudly: SOLARUD. 

what we do

The Solarud Solution

The soiling problem affect the energy production and increase the regularity of cleaning. The solution is a clip piece created to install at the bottom of the photovoltaic panels to drain the water and dust accumulated. You can see how effective the Solarud is, HERE.

We boost the performance of your solar panel .

Our mission

Solarud piece is a product, created by three inventors and property of Solarud, ltd (Solarud, lda).
That being said, we as workers, have always been directly connected with the environment in two main areas: energy efficiency and renewable energies. So, our focus and our professional goal, have always been to take the most of each technology that allows the maximum performance of any asset (either an industrial factory, a solar farm, cogeneration, or whatsoever).

So, our goal and our main focus are still the same: take the most of each solar panel, mitigate the accumulation of soil and consequently improve their performance.


Who can we help

This advanced device is suitable for all kinds of photovoltaic installations. You can use Solarud both in small self-consumptions solar parks or at big solar farms. It all depends on the will that the owner or maintenance responsible has in maximize the energy production and increase the return on investment.

The Solarud device is able to minimize the quantity of water and dust accumulated on the solar panel’s frame. Due to the drainage system, the water is removed from that area and the module stays cleaner for longer.


Our team

Solarud, ltd was born with a team of engineers who dedicate their professional lives to increasing the quality of our Planet, through the knowledge acquired in the best universities in Portugal. Since early on we have had a common goal: to make a positive impact on the energy sector, and that is what allowed us to identify a problem and overcome it with an effective, practical and reusable solution.