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Solar Water Clip: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It

The presence of a common dust pattern, often referred to as a “soiling band,” is a recurring issue we observe in nearly every photovoltaic installation we visit. This problem becomes more pronounced, particularly in low tilt inclination photovoltaic systems, when cleaning and maintenance are neglected. Addressing this issue through regular maintenance and the solar water clip add-on can significantly enhance the performance and efficiency of your solar panels.

What do you get by using Solar Water Clip in your modules?

If we can drain the water from the panel that get stuck on the frame, the dust and small debris will not stick itself to the surface after evaporation happens. Proper drainage from the panel’s frame can prevent dust and debris from adhering to the surface once water evaporates. This maintenance step can significantly contribute to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your solar panels.

Ensuring efficient drainage of water that accumulates on the panel frame is a crucial maintenance step. By doing so, we can effectively prevent dust and small debris from adhering to the panel’s surface after the water evaporates. This simple yet effective practice can play a vital role in preserving the efficiency and lifespan of your solar panels, ultimately maximizing their performance and energy output.

During all this time we tried to understand ways of minimizing this soiling effect and we came to a conclusion – Solar Water Clips

Solar Water Clip
Solarud draining water

And so, we created Solarud.

We’d like to walk you through the top 10 benefits we envisioned and refined during the design and development of the Solarud solar water clip.

Being so we compiled this top 10 advantages of Solarud:

  1. Solarud serves the purpose of effectively draining rainwater and condensation buildup caused by the presence of solar panel frames. These frames act as barriers, impeding the natural flow of water and leading to the accumulation of tiny solid particles. This accumulation not only accelerates frame corrosion but also hampers overall panel performance. Solar Water Clip addresses these issues by facilitating efficient water drainage, mitigating potential damage, and optimizing panel efficiency.
  2. Solarud features a strategically designed cut at its base to prevent the buildup of water from the drainage of photovoltaic modules. This design enhancement enhances flow efficiency, reducing the risk of corrosion in the lower part of the frame caused by stagnant water accumulation. It’s a smart solution to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your solar panel system.
  3. Solarud serves a crucial function by effectively draining water from photovoltaic modules, preventing its accumulation. This action helps avoid the evaporation of significant amounts of water, which can otherwise lead to the buildup of dust and particles. By keeping photovoltaic modules clean, Solarud not only maintains their production efficiency but also prevents the development of defects in the photovoltaic cells. This, in turn, reduces the long-term risk of fires in photovoltaic plants, safeguarding both people and property.
  4. Solarud effectively prevents or minimizes the accumulation of sediments, thereby reducing the occurrence of defects in photovoltaic cells and extending the lifespan of photovoltaic modules. Solarud helps reduce the hotspots caused by the accumulation of dirt on top of the solar panel that increases the electric current resistance and consequently decrease the solar module performance.
  5. Is the only solar water clip proudly 100% produced in Portugal, adhering to all European regulations for good manufacturing practices and employee rights. This commitment to local production not only supports the regional economy but also ensures that Solarud meets the highest standards of quality and labor conditions. By choosing Solarud, you not only benefit from its technical advantages but also contribute to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices in Europe.
  6. Solar Water Clip drains water and consequently prevents its evaporation and the respective accumulation of sediments, which will have a medium long-term consequence a decrease in the degradation of renewable electricity production, thus having a very positive impact on the environment, also decreasing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  7. Solarud plays a crucial role in water drainage without causing any disruptions to the seamless operation or maintenance of a photovoltaic solar plant, thus ensuring uninterrupted performance. Importantly, it has no impact on the warranty of solar modules, offering peace of mind for system owners.
  8. Solarud function is to drain water, it does not invalidate the regular cleaning of the solar modules for better performance, although with the piece placed right after a maintenance cleaning job, the cleaning intervals can be extended due to less accumulation of dirt from solid waste in stagnant water.
  9. Solarud stands out as the unique solar water clip with native UV resistance. It’s specifically engineered to withstand temperature fluctuations, with an impressive capacity to endure temperatures reaching up to approximately 105ºC. This durability ensures its longevity and effectiveness in various environmental conditions.
  10. Solarud is not only effective but also environmentally responsible as it is recyclable. This sustainability feature underscores its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while serving its essential function in photovoltaic systems.

In conclusion, the top 10 advantages of utilizing a solar water clip on solar panels demonstrate a clear path toward enhanced efficiency, prolonged lifespan, and environmental responsibility. From preventing dust accumulation to promoting water drainage, and even maintaining module warranties, Solarud proves to be a valuable asset for photovoltaic systems. Its UV resistance, temperature resilience, and recyclability further solidify its role as a forward-thinking solution for a sustainable energy future. Embracing Solarud isn’t just a choice for efficiency—it’s a step toward a cleaner, more efficient, and eco-conscious solar energy generation.

All the best,
Solarud Team.

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