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Soiling Band Patterns on PV Modules

Soiling band pattern – The Hidden Battle

In the world of solar energy, we often envision pristine panels basking in the sun, effortlessly converting light into electricity. But behind the scenes lies a lesser-known battle: the relentless accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime on photovoltaic (PV) modules. Imagine this: a bright, sunny day, perfect for maximum solar energy production, yet your panels are underperforming. Why? The culprit might not be what you expect.

While many discussions about soiling on PV modules revolve around the accumulation of soil and cement, there’s a subtler yet equally impactful phenomenon to consider: the soiling band pattern near the frame. This is where the story gets interesting for solar installers, O&M operators, PV module cleaners and all enthusiasts alike.

Statistics show that soiling near the frame accounts for a significant portion of energy loss in solar installations, yet it’s a topic often overlooked in mainstream discussions. According to a recent study by solar industry experts, up to almost 30% of energy loss in PV systems can be attributed to soiling band patterns. Yes, the value also amazed us.

So, what exactly are these soiling band patterns?

Picture this: as wind blows across the surface of the PV module, it carries with it tiny particles of dirt and dust. These particles tend to accumulate along the edges of the panel, forming distinct bands of soiling. Over time, these bands can become quite pronounced, significantly reducing the efficiency of the panel by blocking sunlight from reaching the active solar cells.

Now, you might be wondering, what can be done about this? Enter Solarud water drainers. With their innovative design, Solarud water drainers effectively mitigate the impact of soiling band patterns by redirecting water flow away from the edges of the PV modules. By ensuring proper drainage and preventing the buildup of dirt and debris, Solarud water drainers help maximize the energy output of solar installations, ultimately saving both time and money for solar owners.

Soiling band patterns

But wait, you might be asking yourself, how can I benefit from this solution? Whether you’re a seasoned solar installer looking to optimize system performance or a solar enthusiast passionate about maximizing clean energy production, Solarud water drainers offer a simple yet effective solution to a common problem in the industry.

The Solarud Calculator

We have developed a tool called The Solarud calculator, that provides an invaluable insight for individuals and businesses seeking to optimize the photovoltaic (PV) installations. One significant advantage of utilizing this calculator is the ability to accurately determine the number of Solarud water drain clips required for a specific PV setup.

By inputting pertinent data such as panel dimensions and installation layout into the Solarud calculator, users can swiftly ascertain the precise quantity of clips needed. Moreover, the Solarud calculator empowers users to forecast the potential energy gains facilitated by the integration of Solarud water drain clips into their PV systems.

Through the calculator’s comprehensive analysis, users can quantify the expected rise in energy output, providing valuable insights into the return on investment (ROI) and overall efficacy of implementing Solarud water drain clips.


In conclusion, while the battle against soiling on PV modules may seem daunting, it’s essential to consider all aspects of the problem, including the often-overlooked soiling band patterns near the frame.

Soiling band patterns near the frame account for up to 30% of energy loss in solar installations, a statistic often overlooked in mainstream discussions. These subtle accumulations of dirt significantly hinder panel efficiency by blocking sunlight from reaching the solar cells. Install water drainers: an innovative solution designed to mitigate the impact of soiling band patterns by redirecting water flow away from the edges of PV modules, the water drainers prevent dirt buildup, maximizing energy output and extending panel lifespan.

With solutions like Solarud, we can tackle this challenge head-on and unlock the full potential of solar energy. So, next time you’re faced with soiling issues on your PV modules, ask yourself: Could Solarud water drainers be the solution you’ve been looking for?

All the best,

The Solarud Team

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