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Water drain clips – 250 units of Solarud Nextgen

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Water drain device for solar panels with low inclination angle.

Ideal for preventing the dirt pattern that gets stuck in the solar panel frame, like the following image shows:

Water drain clips

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Water drain clips 250 SOLARUD Nextgen

The only solar water drain clip adaptable to all standard frame sizes

  • Solarud NEXTGEN is suitable for 28-40mm module height (and thicknesses between 8 and 11mm)
  • Solarud NEXTGEN has an ANTICLOG design that avoids clogging through the deposition of dust and sand
  • Solarud NEXTGEN is robust, UV resistant, and can withstand temperatures up to 105ºC
  • Prevent the soiling and hotspots near the solar panel frame
  • Solarud can be made in custom sizes. Please email

The Solarud water drainer clips are a device that is plugged to the solar module to prevent the accumulation of dust and soiling near the frame

It is suitable for sizes of frame height between 28 and 40mm. And module frame thickness between 8 and 11mm.

We always recommend using two Solarud pieces per solar panel if they are in portrait position and three if the modules are in landscape position for better performance.


How it works:

How to install

See here how to install Solarud

Just stick it to the frame of the photovoltaic module. When it rains, it will automatically guide the mud water accumulated at the lower edge near the solar panel frame and flow out, keeping the solar module clean and without hotspots caused by the soiling pattern shadow.

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Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 300 × 375 × 300 mm