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100 units of Solarud CUSTOM NEXTGEN water drainer (under request)

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The Solarud CUSTOM NEXTGEN water drainer is a device that is plugged to the solar module to prevent the accumulation of dust and soiling.

From December 2022 and on, all Custom Solarud units are based on the new Nextgen design and all feature anti-clog design and all the goodies of the Solarud Nextgen unit!

Solarud CUSTOM can be made to fit any module size in height or thickness according to your needs. You just give us the specifications of your module frame size and we create the unit as a taylor makes a suit. No matter what thickness or module frame height. Please contact us at the email

  • Solarud CUSTOM can be made in NANO sizes to fit in gaps of up to 1cm
  • Solarud CUSTOM can be ordered from quantities as low as 50 units but we can also provide large quantities if needed
  • Solarud CUSTOM has ANTI-CLOG design that avoids clogging through the deposition of dust and sand
  • Solarud CUSTOM is robust, UV resistant and can widthstand temperatures up to 105ºC
  • Please email to ask your customized Solarud piece!

We always recommend to use two Solarud pieces per solar panel if they are in portrait position and three if the modules are in landscape position for a better performance.

How it works:

How to install:

See here how to install Solarud

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 300 mm