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The Soiling Problem

The soiling problem affects solar power plants all over the world, with more or less impact depending on the location, the rain frequency, and the cleaning routine. The studied impact of soiling on production is discussed in our blog.Β 

We created a solution that reduces the soiling on solar panels. The direct consequence is the energy production rise and the increase of the duration of the cleaned modules after the clean.

Soiling efect on photovoltaic modules

How it works?

Usually, the dust gets more concentrated at the bottom of the modules, near the frame and the corners, taken by the rain. The solarud guarantees the water flow during and after the rain. Thus, we advise installing at least 2 Solaruds per module if they are in the vertical position and at least 3 Solaruds if the panels are installed in the horizontal position. There are no tilt limits to the installation of Solarud clip since it works even at 3ΒΊ.

NOTE 1: In the rotative East-West installations, we advise that the Solarud installation is at the bottom of the modules when they are in the sunrise position; 

NOTE 2: It is only aplicable to modules with frame


Solarud logo

The Solarud main objective is to remove the stagnant water accumulated at the bottom of the solar panels. This easy installation clip, which stays locked to the module’s frame, drains the water and the smaller dust particles, preventing the appearance of hotspots on single cells and increasing the power generation.

The Solarud is more effective in rainy environments or humid atmospheres.

How to Install: First you should fit the upper side of the piece in the upper side of the frame. Then you just need to push the down side in frame direction until hear a click. See it for yourself.

Interested? I Need This Water Drainer Device!

Do not waste more time. The winter is coming and you need to guarantee the maximum performance of each solar module of your asset.

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