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No. Solarud was not meant to avoid the cleaning of the modules. Solarud was designed to improve performance between cleaning intervals by not letting so much dirt and dust get stuck near the panel’s frame. If you want to increase the energy output and the time between the cleaning intervals, you are in the right place.

The minimum quantity for custom solar water drainers is 100 units (33 to 50 PV modules).

For custom sizes please inquire us using the mail and send us the solar module datasheet for us to check the exact size and specifications.

Solarud was designed to fit the most common frame sizes of solar modules. That is possible because there are small bits of plastic at the bottom of the piece that can be bend or not according to the needs, that together cover sizes between 28mm up to 40mm.

Yes. Solarud was designed with that in mind. The top of the solaurd piece has a slope in each of the four directions, that allows for all the cleaning machines to easily slide its brushes and not move or damage the solarud piece. We told you that its made to last by design!

You can check for yourself, here.

No. Solarud, when installed, ensures a strong grip to the module frame and does not move when the modules are being cleaned. Even with robots or automated cleaning machines.

However, when the dust accumulation is concentrated in time and volume, it might be better to clean the units and unclog completely the drainage. It happens mainly in dry and arid environments and with the Sahara sand storms.

Using water drainers on your solar panels reduces the soiling band near the frame. Consequently, you reduce the probability of hotspots due to the shadow caused by the soiling.
Also, by removing the stagnant water from the bottom of the module, the metal frame will not suffer as much oxidation and deterioration as it would without Solarud.

Solarud is made to last! The plastic material is UV resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 80º without bending or melting. We can assure you that it can last at least twice the time of return on investment.

Solarud avoids the accumulation of dirt in the bottom parts of the module, being so It also diminishes the probability of hotspots that can lead to performance loss, but also to fires that can damage the assets and surrounding property.

No. From the real-world test we’ve made, Solarud yields results even when it does not rain. The condensation caused by the temperature difference during the day cycle is enough for some water drops to form and slide into the bottom of the frame. When they gather and form a small water pond, Solarud can drain that accumulated water, preventing dust and dirt from being deposited.

If you have soiling bands on your solar panels, the answer is yes.

You can use our calculator and check for yourself.

Solarud cannot increase the maximum power of your solar modules. What the water drainer does is retard the loss of performance after the modules are exposed to natural elements such as dust and water-soluble dirt from rain, wind, and dew.

Solarud water drainer is fixed in the solar module frame like a claw after bending the plastic bits according to your frame height.
Please check our video on how to install the Solarud, here.

The right answer is as soon as possible.
For the best results, you should install Solarud right after the cleaning or right after the solar panel installation.
To summarize, the solar modules should be clean when the solar water clip is installed.

Thanks to the adaptable design, the same Solarud clip can fit in the most common frame sizes with heights between 28 mm and 40 mm and widths between 8 and 11mm.
If your solar panel has a frame with other dimensions, we can offer a custom solution.