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The adaptable water drain clip
Solarud Clip: Elevating Photovoltaic Efficiency with World’s Unique Adaptable, Reusable, and Anti-Clog Water Drainer

The soiling problem affects solar power plants all over the world, with more or less impact depending on the location, the rain frequency, and the cleaning routine. The studied impact of soiling on production is discussed in our blog.

We created a solution that reduces the soiling on solar panels. The direct consequence is the energy production rise and the increase of the duration of the cleaned modules after the clean. Trocar por: The direct consequence is the rise of energy production average between cleaning cycles.


Water and Dust drainage solution


Our Clients' Honest Feedback

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They came very fast, considering they were outside the country. The clips that arrived, were packaged well, I did accidentally bend the small plastic piece on the bottom of one of the clips (my fault), but it still fit well and was snug. I am very excited regarding this product!


Philadelphia, US

The Solarud product is simple to install, and it works! My order was shipped quickly from Portugal to Hawaii. Customer service is first-rate.


Hawai, US

In rather unfavorable conditions, we realize that the Solarud is quite effective on low inclinations. It is a part designed for rooftop solar panels and this is confirmed by our tests. However, we think that we can use this part on ground-mounted solar panels, which is conceivable.


Lille, France

* The only adaptable, reusable and anti-clog water drainer

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