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For photovoltaic modules

We can fulfill all your module sizes. Please check our store for the correct unit. We do custom units for your modules if needed.

UV Protection and resistant up to 105ÂșC

For longer durability, not LDPE or PET low quality plastic but instead, automotive grade plastic.

Recyclable material

Recyclable but above all, reusable. The plastic tips can be bent and adapted for various frame sizes. So, don't waste, re-use.

Prevent dust

It prevents water and dust accumulation on the solar panel frame, and it is ideal for low-tilt installations.

Solarud is adaptable to every module size in height and thickness. It is also possible to be used when the distance between panels is low.

Anti-clog design

Improve module performance, maintaining the solar modules clean and without the clips clogging between cleaning operations. Solarud is the only unit in the market with an anti-clog and dust accumulation on the solar panel frame, and it is ideal for low-tilt installations.

Made in Portugal

Solarud is a product made in Portugal. All the development and constant improvement of the product is developed by us (we can do tailor-suit drainers). Also, the manufacturing process is entirely (and proudly) Portuguese.

"The Solarud product is simple to install, and it works! My order was shipped quickly from Portugal to Hawaii. Customer service is first-rate."
Hawaii, US
"In rather unfavorable conditions, we realize that the Solarud is quite effective on low inclinations. It is a part designed for rooftop solar panels and this is confirmed by our tests. However, we think that we can use this part on ground-mounted solar panels, which is conceivable"
Lille, France
"It's a simple product and great idea, I hope you do well with them. I will be ordering many more."
Oregon, US
"They came very fast, considering they were outside the country. The clips that arrived, were packaged well, I did accidentally bend the small plastic piece on the bottom of one of the clips (my fault), but it still fit well and was snug. I am very excited regarding this product!"
Philadelphia, US


Water and Dust drainage solution

Just bend the tips and get the frame height that you need,

between 28mm and 40mm.

Need help in choosing the right solarud?

Any doubts about how it works? How you can use it and if it fits in your panel’s frame?

Check our Youtube Channel to see for yourself. You also can contact us through the main channels, or by clicking here.

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Solarud Nextgen has just been upgraded!
Now it can fit even more sizes! Its suitable for 28-40mm!
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